Daily Bulletin (10/7)


ASB + Yearbook Announcements

Do you like discounted food items? How about everyone’s favorite, DISCOUNTED TASTEA? Well you’re just in luck because with an ASB card you WILL get a discount at not ONLY selected eateries but also FREE admission to ALL IHS HOME AND AWAY sports games ALL FOR JUST $20! Did I mention free? Yes! Free! So stop by the A06 bank and get yours today! Let’s all do some sixer saving!

Attention all club officers! Sewing Club is starting on sashes! If your club is interested in ordering, come by the sewing room Tuesdays and Thursdays after school at A-05 and let us know.  Order before the price goes up! See you there! 

Yearbooks are now on sale at the A-06 bank AND online at yearbookordercenter.com! Use our school code 6072 to order! Order now when the price is only $59, which is the cheapest price it’ll be in the entire year! What better way to look back at the year than buying a yearbook!

Want to the  get chance for your photos to get into the yearbook? Well you can! Submit your photos at hjeshare.com using the code “sixers” to submit your photos today!

Hey sixers! You can purchase your homecoming dance tickets TODAY during lunch at Senior Stage! $15 general and $10 with an asb card and you must have your ID card present to buy your ticket! And congratulations to Joseph Deocares for winning the hoco proposal contest! Joseph will be receiving two free tickets to the Homecoming dance this saturday 

Come by senior stage for a refreshing competition! Tomorrow is VSCO Girl ve Eboy Day! Which side are you on sksksixers? Let us know by dressing up! 

Class Office + Club Announcements

Hey Juniors the class officers will be selling our official 2019-2020 class shirt today in front of senior stage! Buy your class shirt today for only $15 and wear it to our homecoming rally and game this Friday!We will also be selling our class shirts on Wednesday, October 9th during Quad Day in B villa and Thursday, October 10th during lunch at senior stage!

Hey smarty Sixers! Did you know that there’s an SAT Club on campus to help you out? Standardized test scores are an important part of your college application. A higher SAT or ACT score will make you a more qualified applicant, opening doors to a better future at a competitive university. Come join SAT Club’s first meeting of the year, today during lunch in room A-308.

Interested in art? Happy Little Accidents is an art club looking for people passionate and keen on art. So if you’re looking to share your art or meet other talented artists please come down to our first meeting this Friday on October 11. The meeting will take place in the Art Room B-104 at lunchtime. Hope to see you there!

Hey Sixers! Our very own Track and field team is selling Breast Cancer awareness bracelets and pins, $2 each and $3 if you buy both! Buy it from any track and field athlete throughout the month of October. Help out the team and show support towards breast cancer awareness.

Want to learn about paid internships? Summer programs? Or other extracurriculars that would look great on college apps? Then join Stem Plus! Their first meeting is today at lunch in K-35 so stop by to make your brain big!

Heads up! First Pre-Med Club Meeting is TODAY @ lunch in K-34. If you’re interested in medicine and want to explore jobs in the medical field this is the club for you! If you’re still interested in joining it’s not too late! Make sure to join our facebook group page tinyurl.com/premedclub2020 and make sure to attend our first meeting today in K-34 @ lunch! See you there!

Hey juniors! Are you curious about the world? Would you like to spend your summer traveling and connecting with local people? Do you have a passion for service and a desire to improve your leadership skills? If so, Global Glimpse is the program for you. Participants travel to Panama, Ecuador, or the Dominican Republic and develop priceless life skills during a three week trip. Generous scholarships are available!For more information, speak to Mr. Stegeman in D-307. Go Appreciate.Go Educate.Go Global Glimpse. (pause after the third “Go” and emphasize “Global Glimpse” when reading please)

BOO! HEY SPOOKY SIXERS! It’s finally spooky season and we have the perfect club for you!Join Coven! A club just for the practice of witchcraft! Do you like Harry Potter, AHS Coven, Charmed, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, the Craft, or Kiki’s Delivery Service?  If so, come to our first club meeting on Wednesday, October 9th during lunch in b-107! 

Hey all do you want to learn how to make a musical or even be in a musical well now is the time to do so there will be a informational meeting today at room M37 during lunch, and if you want to stay posted follow us @ IHSmusical makingclub on Instagram.

Want to stay updated on activities but just miss the announcements? Look on the IHS Activities website for the daily bulletins everyday! That’s IHSActivities.com.

If you, your club, or even your sports team would like to share an announcement over the speakers OR OR ON THE IHS ACTIVITIES WEBSITE, email it to ihs.bulletins@gmail.com, again, I-H-S DOT BULLETINS WITH AN S @ GMAIL DOT COM. 


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