Welcome to the ASB 2020-2021 Executive Cabinet Election! PLEASE – VOTE! 

Your ASB Officers play an integral role in creating an inclusive and interactive campus culture. You are voting for the leaders whom you believe to be the best representatives of IHS and embody what it means to be a SIXER. To view detailed candidate bio’s, visit HERE.

The polls open at 10:00 AM and close at 11:59 PM, tonight (Thursday)


1) Visit the following site:

2) Your username is your full email address (including

3) Your password is your numeric birth date without slashes (mmddyy). (For example: 050103 NOT 05/01/03 or 05-01-2003)

4) Click on the vote link; review candidates (to view publicity videos, click on the “info” button). Cast a vote for every open position.

5) When completed, SUBMIT YOUR BALLOT

Once you have submitted, your vote is officially counted. You will not be permitted to vote again. Results will be released via email on Friday.

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