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Independence 76ers Official Athletics Website

Independence High School believes that a sports program can benefit high students in many ways that are valuable to both the student and to our society: developing scholarship, health, strength, agility, coordination skills, recreational interests, physical fitness and habits of clean living, learning sportsmanship, fair play, honesty and respect for rules and authority, developing qualities of cooperation, teamwork, competition, leadership, initiative, responsibility, subordination of self to the welfare of the team and school, self-respect, courtesy for others, perseverance and courage, and having fun with fellow students and visiting teams.

All athletic registration must be done by the parent or  guardian online at  Students will not be eligible for participation in any practices or try-outs until an account is created at See instructions for help or contact information. 


This means most teams will be selected before school starts. All potential athletes must be registered and cleared on  Physical form must be downloaded from and taken to the physician to complete. 


Try-outs start August 9th @ 3pm in the football stadium; contact Coach Avelar for more details.

Girls Volleyball

Try-outs start August 9th @ 3:30-6pm; large gym. contact Coach Finney for more details: 

Cross Country

Girls Golf

Girls Tennis


Any questions:  Athletic Director, Anne Finney 408 928-9621 or



Boys & Girls Basketball 

Boys Varsity Coach: Skip Yenchik

Boys F/S Coachz:  RayJay Peralta

Girls Varsity Coach:  Fred Yepez

Girls JV Coach:  Victor Garcia .


Boys & Girls Soccer

Boys Varsity Coach:  Miguel Botto

Boys JV Coach:  Alex Ramirez

Girls Varsity Coach:  Madison Kimball

Girls JV Coach:  Abigail Carson


Boys & Girls Wrestling

Varsity Coach Dean Nguyen

Asst. Coach  Duy Tran



SPRING SPORTS: 2019-2020 Season Begins February 3rd. 

Boys & Girls Badminton

Boys Coach  Alan Trinh

Girls Coach Mike Do



Varsity Coach  Keith Allen

JV Coach  Noah Gear

Boys Golf Coach Randy Bartholomew



Varsity Coach Felipe Avelar

JV Coach   Abigail Carson

Boys & Girls Swimming

Boys Coach Natalie Nguyen

Girls Coach Corrie Howard

Boys Tennis Coach Maria Dones


Boys & Girls Track

Boys Head Coach  Thompson Ly

Boys Asst.  Coach  Khoi Tran

Girls Head Coach    Maryann Freitas

Girls Asst. Coach   Ruth Le Beau


Boys Volleyball

Varsity Coach  Anne Finney

JV Coach  Thuy Huynh .