Computer Science Club

Welcome to CS Club!

CS club is an innovative and curious community of people who are passionate and interested in computer science. We welcome you all. We welcome the Beginners who are ambitious to learn about CS and all of its powers. We welcome the Dabblers who have done some HTML/CSS/JavaScript or have dipped their toes into Python. We welcome the Game Developers who have probably worked with canvas or Unity or Lua at one point. We welcome the Data Scientists who probably don’t know the math behind TensorFlow. We welcome the elite USACO participants – we can help you get better. Interested in Python, Machine Learning, Discord Bots, JS, CyberSecurity etc.? We have a workshop for that. If you want to hold a workshop to teach something that we don’t offer, we can make that happen. Our primary form of communication is through our discord server: Once you enter, you can use -role language_name to add the languages you know as roles. If you need help with anything related to computer science, we have the Matrix. The problems section in our server is devoted to supplying one programming interview question a day – answer to get a place on the leaderboard. Join our server for those and more. Overall, we will try our best to create an environment and community that helps each one of you develop and prosper in your own way.