Welcome to MESA!

IHS MESA helps students explore STEM opportunities, compete in competitions and boost college readiness ! MESA stands for Mathematics, Engineering Science and Achievement. In IHS MESA we participate and compete in STEM based competitions against other schools in our division . Some virtual competitions this year include National Engineering Design Contest, Robotics, Think Tank, Bridges, coding competitions, college poster competition and much more! Through competitions students can learn new STEM concepts, boost their technical skills, and improve their collaboration skills by working in groups! MESA also provides steps and resources for preparing for college success. You can also gain industry connections and have access to mentorship programs and leadership opportunities. One goal of MESA is to be an academic program which uses various components to support and help students pursue STEM based degrees. MESA guides students with support and motivation to create a community of focused learners. There are MESA clubs in middle schools, high schools, and colleges and the overall MESA program has been going on for 50 years! Meet new people who have the same goals and build lasting friendships. Join IHS MESA today!