Welcome to UNICEF Club!

Our club stands for United Nation International Children’s Emergency Fund where it’s a club that represents one of the biggest humanitarian, disaster relief ,and child advocacy organization of the world. We are the number one leader for children everywhere, while aspiring to reach our goal of zero;  meaning zero children should face/die of preventable causes. We as a club, are responsible for educating, advocating and fundraising for Unicef’s survival and protection for every child across the world 


CO-PRESIDENT: Dylan Ngo, 12th grade
ADVISOR: Mrs.Westlake, STEM teacher 
CO-PRESIDENT: Phung Nguyen, 12th grade
SECRETARY: Lina Huynh, 12th grade
PUBLICIST: Rithyna Yun, 12th grade
MEDIA DIRECTOR: Brendan Lieu, 11th grade
ACTIVITIES DIRECTOR: Abigail Tejam, 11th grade
TREASURER: Yeman Kuang, 11th grade
ACTIVITIES DIRECTOR: Praceda Gaddampally, 11th grade
BOARD MEMBER: Amanda Vo, 10th grade 
BOARD MEMBER: Hao Yun Liew, 11th grade 
BOARD MEMBER: Tommy Vo, 10th grade 
BOARD MEMBER: Rithychey Yun, 10th grade